Please follow the instructions found in the <How to apply> post. Remember to register using the name of the character you are applying with. Also please remember to add both name, class and level to your applications subject line.
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Please create an account using just the name of the main character that you intend to apply with as the username. Read this ... f=6&t=3250 post carefully before posting application.

Failing to use correct format in application post will have high chance that your application will be ignored.
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Current recruitment status as of DEC 2022: Raiders must be level 100 and have all the class specific, mandatory AAs.

All classes welcome.

Please note that if you want to play a tank class, a high RA (65% over 90d) is required (let's face it, if you don't play enough, you don't get enough gear to tank anything ;))

We are looking for high raid attendance raiders. Our usual raid schedule is Sun (8-11pm CET), Mon (8-11 CET) and Thurs (8-11pm CET). That's 2-5 pm EST for the US folks. If you cannot maintain an approx 65% raid attendance your application will not be looked on as favourably.

For a Friends & Family it is level 35, basically this a social style rank, you're not really expected to raid but are allowed to do so but will be the first to leave a raid should it be full.

Before you continue, it is extremely important that you have read our CoC (Code of Conduct) which can be found here If this is something you feel you don't agree with and can't abide by - then this is not the guild for you.

]Please make sure to check the forum on a regular basis. If we send you a PM when a trial spot opens and you dont answer within 96h, your spot in the queue is lost and we assign this spot to the next applicant in the queue.

Regular raider trial is 4 weeks, 3 weeks if the applicant has 10+ votes. Social trial is 4 weeks.

Thank you for showing interest in joining us!

Please create an account using just the name of the main character that you intend to apply with as the username. The next step will then be to create a post in this forum using the following subject line template: <Name> (<Level> <Class>)
For example: Xarma (50 Bard)

Please try to cover atleast the following topics in your application:

General character information
Give us a short description of your character(s) that you would like to join with, including how many AAs. We allow for any number of alts to be invited to the guild but we encourage you to play your main character as much as possible during your trial as that makes it easier for our members to keep an eye out for you in-game in order to give them a chance to get to know you.

General player information
Tell us a little about yourself, where you're from, line of work etc. Anything you are willing to share just to give people a chance to get to know you as a person.

Previous games/servers played on
Tell us a little about what/where you've played before and what names you used there. You'd be surprised how often someone will strike up a conversation with you based on sharing a common history in/on a certain game/server.

Raiding ambitions (for raider trials)
Please give us an estimate of how often you think you'd be able to attend our raids. Information on our scheduled raid times can be found in this post that we would ask you to please read fully before filling out an application.

Vouches are currently cancelled. This used to be a method of by-passing the normal application procedure.

In cases of members leaving the guild: ex-members will have to go through the normal application procedure.

Make sure to enable email notifications when you get a PM as described in this post
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